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Worker TrollBienvenidos outreach (food bank)Santa Fe, NM2020

Worker Troll 

Bienvenidos outreach (food bank) 

Santa Fe, NM 


Contribute to the Essential Worker project by donating in any amount. Funds are collected through the not-for-profit commissioning sponsor, CENTER, and proceeds go to photographing more essential employees. Stay tuned to the next phase of the project as I enter the world of hospitals. 

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As COVID-19 restrictions pushed many of our daily routines into remote work from home, or worse into unemployment, some workers were deemed “essential.” Among them, healthcare professionals, grocery store and postal service workers, and many other essential personnel remained out in the world while the rest of us shelter in place. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, essential workers include those whose jobs are critical to maintaining the infrastructure of the country. These essential people are still out in the world, putting themselves at risk of contracting the coronavirus for the sake of social stability. Strangely enough, the majority of those deemed essential are also representative of low-income positions that rarely offer health benefits despite the increased risks of working in public spaces in the age of COVID-19.